Build your beekeeping knowledge with our online or in-person beekeeping courses, books, or even a successful beekeeping investment.

Beekeeping Course

We are dedicated to providing beekeepers all around the world with high-quality bee products.

Beekeeping can be enjoyable. Some individuals do it for fun and free honey, while others do it for a living. It’s still a terrific opportunity to get outside, meet people, and get closer to nature in either case. An estimated 90 minutes of live hive inspection is included in our beekeeping training.

Get involved as a hobbyist or begin a road to commercial bee farming, either way, you need to get more knowledge and hands-on experience. It’s like a test drive before you buy!

For a full breakdown of the beginner beekeeping course please see the bee course outline below.

The full-day beekeeping course includes a practical demonstration of working a beehive as well as a theory about beekeeping.

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The PRACTICAL BeeKeeping demo includes each learner removing a frame from a live beehive and inspecting it. A search for the queen bee and description of comb, drone cells, larvae, eggs, and internal workings of the hive. All learners participate in a practical exercise with a live beehive.

You will be able to purchase any necessary equipment such as a bee suit and gloves but we also offer the equipment for rent.

minimum of 6 candidates is required to run the beekeeping course so be sure to bring a friend!

Course Outline

  • Overview of the bee industry in South Africa
  • Biology of the honeybee
  • Basic beekeeping equipment
  • Beginning beekeeping
  • General hive management
  • Harvesting and storing honey
  • Beeswax and other bee byproducts
  • Practical LIVE demonstration
  • Working with bees
  • What beekeeping models there are
  • Demanding industries in beekeeping
  • Experience beekeeping for the first time!

The Practical Beekeeping Starter Guide has all of the step-by-step directions and information you’ll need to get started beekeeping in just three days!

Learn how to make money from keeping bees! Practical Beekeeping is a step-by-step starter guide.

We’ve been in beekeeping for over a decade and we still use our original set of bee suits we made back then today!

We sell all types of beekeeping books so you can get a great amount of bee info before and during your beekeeping experience! The first and only hard copy bee book we sell is the Blue Book also called Beekeeping in South Africa! It is easy to post by mail order anywhere in the country. It’s packed with over 200 pages of bee info on keeping bees!

My advice is to always purchase the best bee books around and to go on a bee course! We have written some of our own bee books as well and even some mini-reports on catching bees as well as queen bee rearing. See below for more info on these bee books!

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African Beekeeping Solutions offers excellent products and services to beekeepers of all levels. I had never managed bees before, and William helped me get started with information and instruction. William is an expert on all things bee-related and provides step-by-step guidance to ensure your beekeeping success! Any inquiries you may have are swiftly and thoroughly answered to assist you in taking care of your bees. The hives are attractively built and would look excellent in your yard. African Beekeeping Solutions makes it possible for me to have a little urban beehive in my garden. I strongly advise everyone interested in or active in beekeeping to check out African Beekeeping Solutions!