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Beekeeping Equipment

Beekeeping Equipment – Price List

Complete Unassembled Hive Kit R 1 750.00
1 Floor, 1 Brood Chamber, 1 Super Chamber, 1 Telescopic Cover,
10 Brood Frames, 10 Super Frames, 1 Queen Excluder, Inner Cover,
1 Aluminium Cover, Entrance Block, 10 Brood Foundation Sheets,
10 Super Foundation Sheets, 1 Roll Frame Wire, Eyelets, Wire Nails,
Cement Coated Box Nails & Cement Coated Frame Nails.
Basic Unassembled Hive Kit (Only Wooden Parts) R 790.00
1 Floor, 1 Brood Chamber, 1 Super Chamber, 10 Brood Frames
10 Super Frames, 1 Inner Cover, 1 Telescopic Cover & Entrance Block
Individual Parts Assembled
1 Floor R 180.00
1 Brood Chamber R 240.00
10 Brood Frames Wired & Full Wax Sheets R 495.00
10 Brood Frames Wired & Wax Strips R 260.00
1 Super Chamber R 180.00
10 Super Frames Wired With Full Wax Sheets R 370.00
10 Super Frames Wired With Wax Strips R 240.00
1 Inner Cover R 64.00
1 Telescopic Cover Covered With Aluminium R 232.00
1 Entrance Block R 13.00
Total Assembled Bee Hive
With Full Wax Sheets (Queen Excluder not included) R 1 770.00
With Wax Strips (Queen Excluder not included) R 1 410.00
Individual Parts Unassembled
1 Floor R 120.00
1 Brood Chamber R 190.00
10 Brood Frames R 110.00
Super Chambers R 105.00
10 Super Frames R 105.00
1 Telescopic Lid R 122.00
1 Aluminium Cover R 60.00
1 Queen Excluder R 130.00
Inner Cover R 65.00
Entrance Block R 12.00
10 Top Bars R 55.00
20 Super Side Bars R 45.00
20 Brood Side Bars R 45.00
10 Bottom Bars R 30.00
Individual Parts Assembled, Frames – sets of 10 each
Brood Frames With No Wire No Wax R 165.00
Super Frames With No Wire No Wax R 149.00
Brood Frames With Wire R 180.00
Super Frames With Wire R 170.00
Other Equipment
Bee Escape R 55.00
Nine Frame Spacers Steel – Per Pair R 20.00
Queen Guard R 72.00
Feeding Block R 50.00
Plasttic Feeder R 12.00
Bee Brush Standard R 68.00
Steel Hive Tool R 63.00
Uncapping Knife R 120.00
Uncapping Knife-Electiric R1 550.00
Uncapping Fork Straight R 65.00
Uncapping Fork Bended R 70.00
Stainless Steel Uncapping Comb R 70.00
Comb Wall Catcher Frame Grip R 100.00
Plastic Honey Gate R 200.00
Nylon Strainer 80# (Fine) R 225.00
Nylon Strainer 20# (Rough) R 210.00
Stainless Steel Double Strainer R 380.00
Catch Boxes-Plastic: without frames R 70.00
Catch Boxes-Wooden: without frames R 275.00
Honey Dippers R 20.00
Queen Clip Plastic R 18.00
Propolis Screen R 70.00
Frame Wiring Board R 325.00
Settling Tank – Stainless Steel With Lid-56 Litre R 850.00
Waxol Treatment
Floor, Brood Box, Super Box & Lid R 70.00
Waxol Treatment per Litre R 25.00
Protective Clothing    
Bee Overalls White Size 46-48  (Small) R 440.00
Bee Overalls White Size 50-58  (Medium) R 490.00
Bee Overalls White Size 60-68 (Large) R 600.00
Bee Overalls White Size 70-78 (X-Large) R 665.00
Full Suit (Full Overall & Veil)  (Small) R 880.00
Full Suit (Full Overall & Veil) (Medium) R 970.00
Full Suit (Full Overall & Veil) (Large) R 1050.00
Full Suit (Full Overall & Veil)(X-Large) R 1150.00
Professional Veil R 350.00
Jokkie (Jacket & Veil) R 750.00
Bee Gloves – PVC R 120.00
Leather Gloves R 180.00
Inner Cotton Gloves R 25.00
Rubber Boots R 165.00
Medium (Stainless Steel With Guard) R 340.00
Beeswax Foundation
Brood Sheets Each R 33.00
Super Sheets Each R 22.00
Rolling Price of Wax R 36.00
Beeswax Block per Kg R 350.00
Eyelets In Packets
5000 R 605.00
1000 R 163.00
500 R 100.00
Bee Wire
Per Kg R 250.00
Cement Coated Box Nails Per Kg 65mm X 2.8mm R 80.00
Cement Coated Frame Nails Per Kg 32mm X 1.4mm R 140.00
Wire Nails Per Kg 16mm X 1,25mm R 350.00
Honey Bottles
Honey Bottles (Box of 24, 375g Squeeze Bottle) R 82.00
Honey Bottles (Box of 24, 500g Squeeze Bottle) R 91.00
Honey Bottles (Box of 24, 500g Round Jar) R 176.00
Honey Bottles (Box of 12, 1 Kg Squeeze Bottle) R 87.00
Honey Glass Bottles 1.4 Kg each R 24.50
Honey Glass Bottles 1.0 Kg each R 11.50
Extractor – 8 Frames-Stainless Steel Hand Operated R 7 000.00
Extractor 220v – 12 Frames- Stainless Steel Variable Speed R 16 200.00
Extractor Frame 80 Frame Industrial R 60 000.00
Book – “Beekeeping In S.A” R 520.00


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  • Prices exclude courier service charges. Courier charges are calculated according to the weight of the order and distance.
  • Prices do not include packaging: Extra R80.00/box
  • Prices subject to change without notice

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