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We offer extensive Live honeybee removals

& Relocations, Pollination to Hive management services.


African Beekeeping Solutions (ABS) was established to bolster the health and proliferation of bee populations and facilitate the expansion of natural food sources through pollination. This initiative underscores the critical role of bees as natural pollinators, thereby directly contributing to the amplification of raw food sources.


African Beekeeping Solutions (ABS) is firmly dedicated to the installation and maintenance of honeybee hives, prioritizing the promotion of pollinator health and biodiversity. The organization also plays a crucial role in community empowerment through the provision of training in beekeeping, vegetable farming, and poultry farming, creating sustainable and viable income-generating opportunities.

ABS takes great pride in offering an extensive range of South African honey products as well as imported honey to wholesale and retail markets, both domestically and internationally. Our meticulous approach to harvesting, precise cold extraction processing, and packaging ensures that our honey retains its pure, clean, and potent properties.

Furthermore, our state-of-the-art packaging plant has earned the approval of independent food safety auditors.



Designing and implementing training programs to equip extension teams with the technical competencies required for effective value chain interventions.


Our extremely skilled team is wholeheartedly committed to the ethical and safe relocation of honey bees throughout South Africa. Leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience, we guarantee the meticulous removal of bee colonies.

Pollination Services

Bees fulfill a critical function in pollination, an indispensable process for plant reproduction. Many plant species are reliant upon bees or other insects as their primary pollinators.


We provide an extensive selection of high-quality South African honey products, along with imported honey,, catering to both domestic and international wholesale and retail markets.


We specialize in the provision of beekeeping tools, comprehensive beekeeping resources, and advanced honey harvesting equipment. Our commitment extends to the advancement of beekeeping expertise within the African beekeeping sector.

Hive Management

We provide comprehensive hive management services tailored to the needs of farmers, hobbyists, and small-scale beekeepers. Our goal is to maintain the optimal health and productivity of hives.


Our vision encompasses the attainment of food security. It is acknowledged that while fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides may confer incremental enhancements in the performance of cultivated crops or trees, they concurrently exert adverse effects on the environment and the overarching ecosystem, particularly on products like Round-up and glyphosate.

We aspire to establish an entity that champions a global milieu wherein bees, human health, wealth, and natural sustenance flourish throughout the honey production process.

Bees and other vital pollinating agents, in tandem with diversified agricultural methodologies, stand poised to yield marked improvements in agricultural efficacy beyond existing standard farming practices. 

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