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Make your own concrete beehives to help grow your beekeeping business!

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ABS (African Beekeeping Solutions) is an agricultural firm established in South Africa. ABS assists low-income communities in establishing and growing long-term income-generating companies.

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Raw Honey

Our honey is gathered directly from the hive and comes from healthy colonies. It’s unprocessed and unheated.

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Hive Installation

Do you want to learn how to keep bees and become a beekeeper?  Get in touch if you’d like to learn more.

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Honeybees Play An Important Role In Pollination

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African Beekeeping Solutions Objectives

Taking initiatives to produce high-quality honey and other bee hive products for export and domestic markets, as well as increasing crop yield through bee pollination.

To advance the beekeeping community’s objectives for the benefit of all beekeepers.

The science of apiculture is being promoted and advanced.

Wherever feasible, lend a hand to agriculture.

Encouraging and aiding in the development and upkeep of educational and training facilities in all aspects of apiculture.

Developing and maintaining a competent and professional culture among its members.

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